"The Taffy Express"


The First Home and New Business start up
 "Taffy Pulling Machine" 
Manufactured by:   
Multi-Design, Inc.
Austinburg, OH

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Raw Taffy              Pulled Taffy
This taffy was pulled using "The Taffy Express"

Taffy Puller will be able to pull 2-4 lbs of raw taffy perfectly.

Payment in Advance Please

(Shipping Included within Continental USA)

Call to place order: 440-275-2255

Great Machine for:

Family Fun
Fund Raisers
Booster Clubs
Home Parties
Start Up Business
Girl and Boy Scouts
Flavor & Recipe Trials


Our Taffy Puller is made to commercial specifications
 and will give you a lifetime of taffy making. 

Multi-Design, Inc. is a machine design and manufacturing corporation of 35 years.

Taffy Flavors Unflavored Taffy
Taffy Express Manual Money in Sugar!

We do guarantee our machines from damage from UPS shipping.
Please take pictures of package upon receiving the Taffy Puller
if packaging is compromised.

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